3rd Annual WhoRunsHouston Alzheimer’s Awareness Benefit Show

Guest packed the Ronin Art House Friday June 9 for the 3rd annual Who Runs Houston Fashion Show and Alzheimer’s awareness event. According to Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. WRH was started by Jasmine “DJ 4.0” Lofton, a young Black entrepreneur from Dallas Texas back in 2015. What better way to kick off the month of June, which is also Alzheimer’s awareness month; than to focus on those who have dealt with the disease. Following the previous success from the past two years, Lofton and her team have worked hard and diligently around the clock along with the Alzheimer’s foundation of Houston to pull off a show. “It is important that we raise awareness to this disease and help fund fighting it” says Jazmine, who lost her grandmother to this disease. Continue reading “3rd Annual WhoRunsHouston Alzheimer’s Awareness Benefit Show”


#FlexinInHerComplexation! Gorgeous 10 Year Old Sends a Messages to Her Haters

Kheris Rogers is only 10 years old and has already broke the internet with her beautiful melanin!

This little QUEEN went viral last month when her older sister posted this on twitter,

“My sister is 10, but already royalty #Flexininhercomplextion.”

Can you say GORGEOUS!! Continue reading “#FlexinInHerComplexation! Gorgeous 10 Year Old Sends a Messages to Her Haters”

Video of Teens Fighting Goes Viral for the Right Reason


Although this article is a couple of weeks old I still feel that it is important that TUGD readers are aware of this information.

Another teen fight video has made its way to the internet, however this time jabs and swings turned into handshakes and wisdom. A courageous bystander by the name of Ibn Ali Miller stepped in the middle of the two young men that were fighting in the streets of Atlantic City, NJ. He recognized the kids seen in the video from his neighborhood and didn’t hesitate to break up the brawl and drop some serious knowledge on the youngsters. “Everybody on your phones though, all y’all; y’all the real cowards. Record that too,” Miller says as he is walking up to the teens fighting. While Miller tried to deescalate the situation he pointed out the fact that the other teens were just standing around laughing and waiting for a fight and that were not real friends. “You’re more mad than he is,” addressing 15-year-old Jamar Mobley. Who is apparently a straight A student seen wearing a white shirt in the video. “I can see it in your face. So you fighting for a reason. He only fighting you because you want to fight him.”

According to the two teens they had a misunderstanding involving a text message but could not give a fully justified answer as to why they were really upset with each other. Miller also acknowledges other kids that are seen in the video to help them realize that this is not just affecting them as individuals but their parents as well, “Don’t make your parents look like this… don’t make your mom look like this, Aye, yo, you. I know where you’re from; humble beginnings. Your mom and dad worked hard to get where they at.” He eventually encouraged to two young men to shake hands, although they were very reluctant to do so at first. “If y’all don’t shake hands I’m not leaving…that’s the only way I’m leaving.” Needless to say the two adhered to the “authority” of 26 year old Ibn Ali Miller and went their separate ways.

Ibn was honored by Atlantic City council members for his positive act and good deed. “For him to intervene like that was tremendous and more importantly for the children to listen. That could have went the other way,” Council President Marty Small said in an interview. Miller is also seen getting emotional as he thanks God and his mother. “When I was young I grew up in the projects and I would get a punishment. She would make me read books, and I’d get asked about a short story or a poem,” he said. “I’m crying because this whole situation deeply saddens me. The fact that it’s unbelievable — this should be very believable, this should be a norm, this should be regular.”

We are glad that Ibn Ali Miller did not turn a blind eye to the issue that is affecting his community, hopefully this will spark a change across the globe and bring forth more peace and unity.


Black Boy Joy Reigns Supreme once Again! As Chance The Rapper Donates $ 1 Million to Save Chicago Schools


As if treating fans to movie wasn’t enough, Chance The Rapper has taken a stand and given back to the Chicago Public School Foundation. Continue reading “Black Boy Joy Reigns Supreme once Again! As Chance The Rapper Donates $ 1 Million to Save Chicago Schools”

“School Choice” How About Only Choice: DeVos’ Uneducated Statement About HBCUs

After meeting with several presidents and chancellors of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) secretary of education released a statement to the public about structural reform of educational funding and how important funding is for HBCUs. However, her understanding seems to be a bit off.  DeVos states:  Continue reading ““School Choice” How About Only Choice: DeVos’ Uneducated Statement About HBCUs”

25 Things I’ve Learned Before Turning 25



  1. Sometimes the people that start with you, won’t finish with you. Everyone has their own road to travel and sometimes you have to let people go in order for you to grow.
  2. Learn how to accept situations for what they are and not for what you want them to be.
  3. Never compare your Journey to someone else’s. Just because things look like gravy and mash potatoes on the outside doesn’t mean that it is. You don’t know how many nights someone may have stayed up working, crying and praying to get to where they are today. Continue reading “25 Things I’ve Learned Before Turning 25”

The Urban Get Down’s Top 6 Albums of 2016

6. Twenty88

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko gave us a short album with a lot of detail! The Detroit rapper and sultry singer collaborated on this album that left their fans wanting more of the love that was displayed throughout the albums promo tour. Twenty88 also featured a video mini series that gave us an in depth insight to the album; it had all futuristic elements in it but nevertheless excelled in portraying a love story.  Continue reading “The Urban Get Down’s Top 6 Albums of 2016”

NEW VLOG ALERT!!!!!! My Road to Graduation| The Last 5 Weeks of Undergrad| Things You should Know PT 2

My Road to Graduation| The Last 5 Weeks of Undergrad| Things You should Know PT 1

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