6 Quick Tips to help with Anxiety: How to decrease or completely eliminate anxiety

Anxiety is something that affects many people, college students in particularly. With all of the studying, exams, class work and maintaining a healthy social life can really way in heavy on a student. Usually students tend to have high episodes of anxiety during midterms and final exams. Here are six quick tips to help with anxiety.

  1. Get a substantial amount of sleep
  • It is so important to get enough sleep so that your body can function properly
  • Lack of sleep can cause your brain to slow down and cause you to have memory loss
  • Sleep deprivation can also make it difficult to lose weight as well as lead to other serious health problems such as stroke and heart failure.

  1. Breathing exercises
  • Usually someone can feel when they’re about to have anxiety attack so it’s important to control your breathing. Take slow deep breathes and inhale and exhale 5-10 times or until you have calmed down.
  1. Stay calm and think peaceful thoughts
  • If you find yourself getting riled up, count to 10 slowly and think about a peaceful place or something/someone that calms you down.

  1. Talk it through
  • When you begin to feel anxious about something or feel an anxiety attack coming on, it helps if you talk it through with someone that you trust. Such as a friend, counselor or significant other.
  • It’s better to talk to someone ahead of time, so that you can prevent further anxiety attacks.
  1. Maintain a healthy diet
  • Eating healthy foods plays a big role in how your body functions on a day to day bases.
  • Energy drinks are not good for your body because of the amount of caffeine that is in them. They speed up your heart rate and cause anxiety attacks if you consume too many. Or even cause cardiac arrest.
  • If your body is not getting the proper nutrients, you can become sluggish and tired which will not allow your brain to retain information properly.
  1. Exercise
  • Exercising on a daily bases will decrease stress levels in your body and will allow you to feel less on edge about things.
  • Exercise can also reduce or eliminate anxiety all together.


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