King of the Month

The Urban Get Down: King of the Month

Ayobami ShoyinkaAyo Picture


Hometown: Nigeria, Africa

Residence: Dallas, Texas

Age: 20

School: Prairie View A&M University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Classification: Graduating Senior


Ayobami Shoyinka is well known by the students and staff on the campus of Prairie View A&M University. He was recently crowned Mr. Prairie View, but behind his crown there is a bright young man with an even brighter future. His platform is “Reform, reforming education based on the political depression in our nation.” One of Ayobami’s focuses is to help young black men become more successful in the work place, also reeducating them on how to think about their careers as well as teaching them how to play on an equal playing field when going into the workforce. He is currently working on an annual program that will allow representatives from each department on campus to go to surrounding schools and share information about the many positive things that goes on at Prairie View, as well as a mentor-ship program called “Kingsman”. This particular program will allow male student leaders to become a role model for incoming freshman males. “The first person that they see is the person they will model themselves after” says Ayobami,     in hopes to eliminate the negative mindset of some, that Prairie View is just a party school and to show everyone that Prairie View Produces Productive People”. Ayobami has plans that go beyond the walls of Prairie View A&M University and there is no doubt that he will achieve every goal that he has. I was very impressed with the conversation that I had with this young man, he has compassion for others and values hard work and dedication. Ayobami Shoyinka is a great example of what being King is all about.


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