Brandy Is Back and More Fierce Than Ever With New BET Series Zoe Ever After!

Moesha is all grown up now! Brandy Norwood has put on her acting hat once again as she stars in her new sitcom Zoe Ever After. The pilot show premiered on BET last night and included a cameo from Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter India Arie.   Brandy’s character Zoe Moon is a new divorcee with an eight year old son, she has divorced boxing champion Gemini Moon and is now trying to pick up the pieces of her new life.


Being a single mother and the CEO of a company, while not the easiest job to do, Zoe puts on her diva shoes and keeps on stepping! When it comes to divorce, Zoe has followed in her “Spirit Diva’s” footsteps, Ms. Tina Turner that is. She has taken the “high road, seed money to start her own cosmetic company, the apartment and you guessed it, her name.” Although this show is a long way from the hit UPN sitcom Moesha that skyrocketed Brandy’s acting career in the 90’s, she didn’t cut any corners with this character. Zoe is like an upscale version of Chardonnay from The Game, similar slang but fiercer! Not only is Norwood a co-executive producer on the show, she constantly shows  versatility in her acting skills with each role that she takes on. Brandy has grown so much as an actress but don’t be alarmed, she hasn’t put the microphone down yet! She sings the theme song titled after the show as well as her new single that dropped right on the cusp of the Zoe Ever After premier titled “Beggin and Pleadin.” She never disappoints her fans and leaves everyone wanting more with each performance. Zoe Ever After is a sitcom that Brandy fans everywhere will wanna be down with.


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