Let’s Get Summertime Fine!


Last week Gucci Mane turned some heads on social media. Although he was released from prison 4 months early, fans and supporters were taken aback when they saw the guwop rapper himself looking quite nice with his flat stomach and slender body frame. Is that what eating prison cuisine does to your body? I don’t know about yall but uhhh I’m trying to get fine too…summertime fine like J.Cole said.

For the most part everyone would like to have a nice looking body (whatever that means to you). So you eat healthy, take frequent trips to the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although, life can get a bit crazy and you find yourself in the drive thru line more than the gym; before you know it, that 20 pounds that you lost the year before finds its way back to your hips, butt, thighs, tummy and any other place that should look flattering in a swimsuit. But not to worry, with a little persistence, time and a whole lot of praying for strength against the evils of fried foods, hot cheesy bread and sugary sweet treats, you’ll be turning heads too!

Step 1: Clean out your pantry and fridge

If you want to drop the pounds, you’ll have to give up the junk food! Just say no to the chips, cookies and soda. Fill your kitchen and your body with fruit, veggies and plenty of water. Your body will thank you in more ways than one, trust me!

Step 2: Move around!

Working out at least 4 to 5 times a weeks is a great for your physical and mental health. Working out helps to release stress and tension from your body as well as clearing your mind, allowing you to rest better at night. Now granted, everyone doesn’t have money for a monthly gym membership or fancy equipment for home but the streets are free! Get out of the house and walk or run a few laps around the block, dance to upbeat music in the comfort of your own living room or even come up with a cardio workout that will benefit your schedule and your body. It doesn’t matter where you workout just get your body moving!

Step 3: If you eat it, write it!

Keeping a food journal helps with portion control as well as keeping you on track with your diet. If you can go back and review the things that you’ve consumed throughout the day then you can see if you’re putting good things in or not.

Step 4: Remain Positive

Don’t compare yourself to others, your body is not the same as the next person’s body. We all carry our weight in different places. It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle but balance it with love and laughter. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. Love the skin you’re in, if you do this I promise the weight will drop with ease.

Step 5: Have Fun

It’s not a race! Sure we want to go to sleep one way and wake up in our desired “perfect body” but you must trust the process and maintain a good attitude. Make your work outs and new eating habits fun. Get friends and family to join you in your workout. Turn your healthy eating into sexy eating, instead of you and bae ordering take out for your dinner/movie date, find an awesome recipe, take a trip to the grocery store and come home and prepare a tasty but healthy meal for the two of you to enjoy with romantic candle lights.


Whatever it is that you do to get in shape be sure to do it for your own satisfaction and health and don’t just do it for the summer, do it for a lifetime. I mean if Gucci Mane can do it, so can we! BURR




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