Brandon Marshall Has No Regrets After Losing Endorsements For Kneeling During The National Anthem

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall loses another endorsement deal after continuing to kneel during the National Anthem. Marshall says that he doesn’t regret anything, not even the loss of his endorsements and that he has new ideas for what he will do next. Marshall also says that he is a man of faith and he feels good about what he doing. Although some are not in favor of what the Broncos player is doing he and his counterpart Colin Kaepernick believes that they are doing a great thing that will eventually have a good impact on the communities in America. He has spoken with Kaepernick about “the end game,” about taking steps to effect change in the community and beyond. And he said he has taken initial steps to formulate a plan locally, starting with a discussion with Denver police chief, Robert White. As a publicist/PR rep for Brandon Marshall I would encourage him to stay focused on his purpose and meaning behind him kneeling during the National Anthem and when asked about why he has chosen to  kneel; focus on his purpose.


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