Can Rappers Be In Two Places At Once? Or Is Someone Lying?

Earlier today club Drai’s of Las Vegas Nevada post a flyer announcing that rapper Young Thug will be performing there on October 7th. Although many are excited, these raised several eyebrows for many Prairie View students. Young Thug is also scheduled to perform that exact same day a Prairie View’s homecoming. There hasn’t been any other statements released from Drai’s nightclub or Young Thug about this performance nor has Prairie View made any comments regarding this matter. As the publicist for Young Thug, Thugger Thugger, Jeffery or who ever he’s calling himself these days, I would assure the customer to whom my client has a binding contract with that the artist will be there at the time of the performance and encourage my client not to make false statements about his/her whereabouts as well as asking all parties involved without a sign contract to removed any flyers or post pertaining false information about my client.


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