Video of Teens Fighting Goes Viral for the Right Reason


Although this article is a couple of weeks old I still feel that it is important that TUGD readers are aware of this information.

Another teen fight video has made its way to the internet, however this time jabs and swings turned into handshakes and wisdom. A courageous bystander by the name of Ibn Ali Miller stepped in the middle of the two young men that were fighting in the streets of Atlantic City, NJ. He recognized the kids seen in the video from his neighborhood and didn’t hesitate to break up the brawl and drop some serious knowledge on the youngsters. “Everybody on your phones though, all y’all; y’all the real cowards. Record that too,” Miller says as he is walking up to the teens fighting. While Miller tried to deescalate the situation he pointed out the fact that the other teens were just standing around laughing and waiting for a fight and that were not real friends. “You’re more mad than he is,” addressing 15-year-old Jamar Mobley. Who is apparently a straight A student seen wearing a white shirt in the video. “I can see it in your face. So you fighting for a reason. He only fighting you because you want to fight him.”

According to the two teens they had a misunderstanding involving a text message but could not give a fully justified answer as to why they were really upset with each other. Miller also acknowledges other kids that are seen in the video to help them realize that this is not just affecting them as individuals but their parents as well, “Don’t make your parents look like this… don’t make your mom look like this, Aye, yo, you. I know where you’re from; humble beginnings. Your mom and dad worked hard to get where they at.” He eventually encouraged to two young men to shake hands, although they were very reluctant to do so at first. “If y’all don’t shake hands I’m not leaving…that’s the only way I’m leaving.” Needless to say the two adhered to the “authority” of 26 year old Ibn Ali Miller and went their separate ways.

Ibn was honored by Atlantic City council members for his positive act and good deed. “For him to intervene like that was tremendous and more importantly for the children to listen. That could have went the other way,” Council President Marty Small said in an interview. Miller is also seen getting emotional as he thanks God and his mother. “When I was young I grew up in the projects and I would get a punishment. She would make me read books, and I’d get asked about a short story or a poem,” he said. “I’m crying because this whole situation deeply saddens me. The fact that it’s unbelievable — this should be very believable, this should be a norm, this should be regular.”

We are glad that Ibn Ali Miller did not turn a blind eye to the issue that is affecting his community, hopefully this will spark a change across the globe and bring forth more peace and unity.



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