#FlexinInHerComplexation! Gorgeous 10 Year Old Sends a Messages to Her Haters

Kheris Rogers is only 10 years old and has already broke the internet with her beautiful melanin!

This little QUEEN went viral last month when her older sister posted this on twitter,

“My sister is 10, but already royalty #Flexininhercomplextion.”


Can you say GORGEOUS!!  Rogers had been a target for bullies ever since she was younger and didn’t always feel as confident and beautiful as she does today. She was bullied by classmates and humiliated by a teacher that handed her a black crayon instead of a brown crayon when asked to draw a picture of herself “I’m not that dark… I’m brown” is what she told her first grade teacher when she refused the crayon that did not represent her radiant skin complexion.

In an interview with CBSLA she said “I feel like they were bullying me because of my skin color; because I was darker.” Her mother then moved her to a different school that was more diverse. The bullying slowed down but still continued; but this time the ugly comments were from other Black students. Kheris’ mother enrolled her into a Saturday program where she was able to regain her self-confidence and show off her beauty in a community fashion show.


Before Kheris hit the runway her big sister posted a picture on twitter that went viral. Since then she has received a tremendous amount of love and support.  Kheris and her family has been using twitter to show her poppin’ melanin.


Kheris is now a young entrepreneur and continues to encourage everyone to flex in their complexion with t-shirts that can be purchased on her website


Salute to this beautiful young Queen!







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