Da Real BB Judy Is Dropping Knowledge As She Gives Back to Her Supporters

Jessica Dupart, also known as Da Real BB Judy is booked, busy, and blessed as she is packing up her knowledge and giving it away for FREE! Kaleidoscope Hair Prod CEO is sharing how she grew her business and became one of the biggest social media influencers and took her business to the next level! She is best known for comedic skits on Instagram with celebrities and the edge police, advertising her two best selling products; Miracle Drops and Sleek edges. “U Better Get This Free Knowledge Tour” made its way to Houston TX and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get this FREE KNOWLEDGE! Jessica gave entrepreneurial hopefuls key tips that they can use to start and grow their own business.

In 2013 Dupart decided to take her life savings and develop hair care products that would later help her build her consistently growing empire, Kaleidoscope INC. In 2014 Jessica opened the doors to Kaleidoscope hair studio and began the journey that God had for her. “Pray Through The Process” one of the key elements to having a successful business as she repeated in her seminar.


Jessica is not only a BOSS QUEEN but the true definition of a friend, just recently she handed over the keys to her Kaleidoscope warehouse to her dear friend Supa, CEO of The Crayon Case makeup line. Also, this past Christmas, she donated 600 bikes to local children in New Orleans. Now she is dropping knowledge from city to city and we don’t see this businesswoman slowing down anytime soon.


We were there for the 2 part packed out Houston seminar this past Sunday. Check out what Da Real BB Judy had to say!


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