Legends Do Live 5th Year Anniversary: Houston Weekend Recap!

“Heros get remembered, but legends never die.” 

Legends Do Live celebrated their 5th year anniversary with a unique pre-game for the undefeated Houston Rockets. The event took place on Saturday, March 24 in an exclusive suite in the Toyota Center hosted by Phil Wade. Guests were welcomed by CEO of Legends Do Live, Jarren Smalls.

(Jarren Smalls)

As the event progressed, everyone enjoyed lite bites, sounds from two of Houston’s hottest female DJ’s; DJ 4.0 and DJ Shante of 93.7 The Beat. Guest enjoyed a relaxing yet fun ambiance that included: The Legends Do Live Lounge, gift bags, beverages by Ciroc, and a photobooth experience.(DJ 4.0 and DJ Shante)

The vibe was the epitome of a pre-game which ultimately prepared attendees to celebrate the future win of The Rockets Vs. Pelicans game. Jarren Smalls also acknowledged the event sponsors, Lemon-Lime Light Media, H-E-B, and Mikos of Ciroc before a surprise performance by Houston Legend, Lil Keke. There was even an amazing live speed painting done by local artist Ange Hillz.(Ange Hillz)

The Legends Do Live team formally announced their partnership with IYO Visuals which will consist of IYO visuals teaching digital entertainment to the youth of Legends Do Live.

We commend this organization for their hard work and dedication to make a positive impact on the community!

(Douglas Jr. Co-founder of Legends Do Live) and (Mikos Ciroc Ambassador) 

About Legends Do Live

Legends Do Live looks to change today’s urban landscape by fostering a generation of higher social awareness, strong intellectual pursuits, and constant economic success. Every individual has the ability to make a difference in this world. Our goal is to merely motivate today’s youth to use their gifts, live life to the fullest, and leave a lasting legacy. Though strong collaborations we understand that if we dedicate ourselves to the advancement of our generation, we will not only be remembered but we will never die. We will be Legendary.

This video doesn’t exist

To learn more about Legends Do Live visit their website at www.legendsdolive.com


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