The Paige J Productions: Sex,Love, and Relationships

She created her own lane; now she’s blazin the trail!

Houston’s own Paige J is an evolving sexologist that specializes in everything from sex, love, and relationships; she even writes Short erotic stories that can take your mind places that you never thought it could go!

 Photo cred: Taylor M Hayden (photographer) 

This young media diva has never been afraid to express herself and explore her own sexuality. Paige dominated the airwaves as an undergraduate radio personality at Prairie View A&M University’s PVUKno radio, where she hosted her own radio show and grew an audience of dedicated and supportive listeners, on and off the campus. Her groundbreaking segment was like no other radio show on the campus and there hasn’t been one since. Campus love focused on sex education, body confidence for young plus size women,love, and relationships. She also served as the marketing director and later the general manager for the radio station until she graduated in 2016.

2017 was a new start for Paige as she turned her mic off and turned the red light on! She decided to shift gears from talk radio and dive deeper into her passion as a sexuality journalist or sexologist. Now, for those of you that may not know what a sexologist is, Paige J was more than happy to break it down for us… “a sexologist is someone that breaks down the masses of sex from beginning to end, from head to toe.” She is also a big advocate for safe sex and encourages individuals to practice accordingly.

Photo cred: Plus Size Kween via instagram 

Photo cred: Taylor M Hayden (photographer)

Sunday November 4th Paige opened the doors to her very own production studio called The Paige J Productions, located in Houston Texas. As she celebrated her grand opening with an all white affair, guest were greeted with smiles,hugs, and an attentive team of beautiful interns. In the midst of the food, drinks, and dancing; the guests were also entertained with questionnaire games that may have taken them down memory lane!

   Photo cred: Taylor M Hayden (photographer)

The Paige J Productions studio is now open for business and is ready to be put to great use. This space can be rented by individuals who wish to host events, have photo/video shoots, or come in to seek a 1 on 1 consultation session with Paige on a number of topics, from how to please your mate; to body confidence,“I opened my studio for counseling, sex therapy, consultations, and also a creative space for those who are in media.”

 Photo cred: Taylor M Hayden (photographer

Paige has the love and support from her family and close friends and hopes to one day dominate this industry and show that women can take charge in the bedroom too! Now that’s called turning your passion into your paycheck!

To find out more about The Paige J Productions, visit her website at ThePaigeJ.Com you can also dial her hotline at 1800PaigeJ.

We wish this beautiful queen nothing but love and success.

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