All Screwed Up: A Tribute to DJ Screw

By Symphony Webb

Jan 26, 2020

Houston – Friday,  January 24th, IYO Visuals, Director Isaac Yowman, Lil KeKe of The Screwed Up Click, D-Reck of Wreckshop Records, HTV, and DJ Screw’s Sister Michelle Wheeler held a press conference at HTV studio in Houston’s City Hall to premiere the new All Screwed Up trailer.

All Screwed Up is a new biographical series based on the life of Houston’s iconic DJ Screw. It is set to release this year for his 20-year memorial. Directed by multi-platinum record producer turned filmmaker Isaac “Chill” Yowman, the series All Screwed Up details the rise of DJ Screw and the musical revolution he pioneered with his “chopped and screwed” sound.

The Legendary DJ Screw (born Robert Earl Davis Jr.) had a compelling life as a ground-breaking DJ and inventor of a signature style that has transformed pop culture and music for two decades and spring-boarded the careers of some of the biggest names in hip hop. His slowed-down chopped and screwed technique has been featured in Academy and Golden Globe award-winning films and on dozens of multi-platinum Billboard chart-topping songs. Artists like Beyonce, Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar have been influenced heavily by his pioneering sound.

Unfortunately, the element of surprise was ruined when an unknown source leaked the trailer to the public earlier this week, nevertheless the producers remain positive and are excited about the project that has been three years in the making. See update here . At the start of the press conference; City of Houston’s First Daughter Ashley Turner presented DJ Screw’s sister Michelle Wheeler with a Proclamation from the city in honor of her brother’s legacy and contribution’s to Houston’s music scene. This was an emotional experience for Wheeler as she accepted the proclamation and addressed the press, speaking on her late brother’s music, outreach, and the project that will depict parts of his life and musical journey.

“This project is so worldwide, nationwide for me because when you wait 20 years to see your brother get the recognition that he should always had…this is going to be something that  our children’s children will be able to tell their children, this was Dj Screw…this is Houston.” 

Michelle Wheeler

There is still no official release for the project, however the team continued to assure everyone that they will do their best to represent DJ Screw’s legacy the right way.

See official trailer here:

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