Nevaeh Woods Takes The Fashion World By Storm and She’s Only 9-Years Old!

By Symphony Webb

Jan 27, 2020

Nevaeh is only 9-years-old and already has a passion for fashion! The Detroit native is making great strides towards her fashion design dreams while capturing the attention of companies like Mattel, who makes toys such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price. What started as a hobby; designing clothes for her dolls, has now grown into a business.   Image is from

According to News One -At the age of five, the aspiring fashion designer began making clothes for her dolls out of items like ribbon and socks. She would try to coordinate her doll’s outfits with what she was wearing for the day. Her mother Sha’Kvia Woods began sharing her creations online and the overwhelmingly positive response led to the creation of Nevaeh’s brand Sasha Sew Amazing; a platform where she highlights how she designs accessories and garments for dolls out of household items.

She was recently surprised with a box from Mattel that included Barbies to style along with an encouraging message for the young creative about continuing to follow her dreams. “Nevaeh! We heard you like designing clothes,” read the note. “Here’s a couple of new editions to add to your collection. Always remember, you can be anything!”

Image is from

Woods was humbled by the gift. “It made me feel special because I’m achieving my goal to be a fashion designer and that’s what I really want to do so I can be famous and make stuff and encourage people to follow their dreams,” the youngster said in a statement, according to the news outlet.
We look forward to seeing Nevaeh’s clothes on the runway one day!

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