A New Global Black News Network Is On Its Way To A Screen Near You

News has the power to educate, impact, influence, and ignite change.

MediaNews is a global Black News Network that will provide 24/7 news coverage surrounding issues and stories that affect and highlight the Black community across the world.
Created by Ronald Osborne owner and developer of The Kick Back streaming app. This, allows Black entrepreneurs to gain more exposure for their products, music, food, and skill sets, which also creates a space for others to shop all black-owned businesses. This emerging news network will showcase global news stories from the Black perspective. Osborne feels that the Black community lacks representation in media “news can convict a man before there is a trial date set, but news also can ignite a whole community into a change,” says Osborne. While doing research, he discovered that there weren’t many Black-owned operated television news networks that cater to the African-American communities on a global scale, so he decided to create one.

Mr. Osborne says that he has high expectations for his new network; it will operate as its entity but will remain under The Kick Back’s umbrella. His main goal is to have MelaNews become a reputable and credible news source such as CNN and the New Times. He is currently looking for Black journalists and contributors to join the team ” I’m looking to build a team of Black contributors first…I want it to be a completely Black staff so that we can establish the culture within and then, we can open up the cookout to everybody else.” MediaNews will provide world news; however, the stories will be told by Black journalists. “We’re not just looking for the Black stories we’re looking to highlight more Black stories but we’re also going to make sure that we highlight everything else going on in the world to ensure that we’re not being closed off and life behind.” Viewers can tune in and stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anytime, anywhere at MelaNews1.com beginning July 1st. If you would like to become a writer or contributor, you can express your interest at melanews17@gmail.com.

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