Singer/Songwriter Mario Receives Leadership Award From The Sister Accord Founder Sonia Jackson Myles

By Symphony Webb August 1, 2020

August 1, 2020 -Grammy award-nominated Singer/Songwriter Mario received The Sister Accord Leadership Award by Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder of The Sister Accord.

The virtual event was a part of the celebration of another huge milestone for Jackson Myles’ organization, established in 2013. Mario was selected for this award because of his commitment to serve the community, lead by example, and work with youth in various capacities. He joined the event via live video as he expressed his sincere gratitude to the founder, organization leaders, and event participants. His efforts to be involved with The Sister Accord has inspired many students throughout the years.

The Sister Accord has officially become a sanctioned organization on the campus of The Ohio State University. “When I think about all of the progress and success we’ve experienced since I launched The Sister Accord in 2013, my heart is filled with joy. The numerous stories of transformation and the healing of relationships among family, friends, and co-workers give me proof that we are really making a significant positive difference in the world,” states Jackson Myles.

Although the global pandemic has altered several of The Sister Accord’s in-person events, including A Celebration Of Sisterhood Tea Party, Jackson Myles was determined to provide a virtual experience of a lifetime to the attendees. With help from AV Tech Media Solutions, her personal production team, and DJ Blayde, she was able to execute a sophisticated event in celebration of hard work, achievements, and honoring an icon, Mario.

                    Founder Sonia Jackson Myles with R&B Singer/Songwriter & Actor Mario

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of The Sister Accord Leadership Award to Steven A. Easley Jr., founder of Easley Blessed Media. Steven has been a long-standing partner to The Sister Accord Foundation and shared how important this organization is for young girls, including his daughters. As a matter of fact, when Founder Sonia Jackson Myles was just dreaming about what she wanted to do for girls and women, Steven was one of the first people to say yes.

Founder Sonia Jackson Myles with Steven A. Easley Jr, Sister Accord Leadership Award Honoree

Founder Sonia Jackson Myles with Jay’da Rogers, President, The Sister Accord at The Ohio State University

A powerful vision of The Sister Accord’s impact was Jay’da Rogers, rising Junior at The Ohio State University and President of The Sister Accord at The Ohio State University, who attended her first Tea Party in 2014 in Louisville, KY, welcomed Tea Party attendees & introduced Founder Sonia Jackson Myles. Afterward, she shared on social media how her life was transformed by The Sister Accord: “I remember my first time I was introduced to The Sister Accord Foundation towards the end of the summer of 2014. I had been heading down the wrong path, but I knew I had more potential. As I continued to wonder when my potential would ever come around for the world to see, my principal thought it would be a great opportunity for me to attend The Sister Accord Tea Party in Louisville Kentucky.

Founder Sonia Jackson Myles with Business Partner Lisa Robin Adkinson of Lisa Robin Jewelry

The Sister Accord x The Ohio State University Advisor & Certified Yoga Instructor, Ivory Levert

The next event for The Sister Accord Foundation is on August 31, 2020, from 6 pm to 8 pm ET, when the talented and beautiful Singer, Songwriter & 5-time Grammy®️ Award-winning Musician, Lalah Hathaway, will perform and receive The Sister Accord Leadership Award.

DJ Blayde

About The Sister Accord: A Celebration of Sisterhood Tea Party 

The Sister Accord® Tea Party Program is a Leadership Development Program for young women presented by The Sister Accord® Foundation, a 501c3 organization. The focus of the program is to help young women understand the importance of strong, healthy, positive relationships, with other young women, in their development as exceptional leaders. With a sizable number of the US workforce currently female, it will be essential to the viability and profitability of a company, or organization, to ensure that an environment of collaboration, not competition, is promoted among its workers to deliver outstanding business results. The Sister Accord Foundation’s founder, Sonia Jackson Myles, has a vision that graduates of her Tea Party program will be a pipeline of talent for her partner companies in the form of co-op/internship opportunities during high school and college, ultimately leading to permanent positions upon graduation. There have been 20 Sister Accord Tea Parties held to date across the United States.

Photos are courtesy of The Sister Accord


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