Beauty Company Honored Notable Black Women For Black-Love Month

March 1, 2021- The past year has been a challenge for many people; therefore Dollbaby Blacc Beaute’ wanted to honor several notable women with a self-care package to help them relax. This year debuted the Dollbaby Blacc Awards which honored NeNe Leaks, Cynthia Bailey, Rashan Ali, J Mulan, Jalene Mack, Ronda Prince, Yolanda Adams, Zina Garrison, Aventer Gray, Nakia Cooper, and Leela James. The honorees were selected by the Dollbaby team for their commitment to the community, influence within the beauty & fashion industry, love for sisterhood, and their strength of overcoming obstacles. All honorees received a customized limited-edition box consisting of an array of bamboo inspired beauty accessories, alongside other curated frills designed to complement and elevate the personal care experience. Products Include: Bamboo Rake Comb + Paddle Detangle Brush, Exfoliating Face Pads + Storage Pot, Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set, LED Compact Mirror, Luxury Bath Orb, Essential Oil Meditation Cones, Body Wrap Towel, Shampoo Turban, Gold Plated Beauty Brushes w/storage box and a plaque that acknowledged their achievement. 

“I wanted to celebrate women of color as so often women rarely take time for themselves to just relax.”

– Founder of Dollbaby, Janetha Richard.

                                             The self-care package will also be available for purchase in late March. People are encouraged to order the self-care package for the special women in their lives to allow them the opportunity to simply take time for themselves no matter the circumstances.  

About Dollbaby

Founded in 2017, DollBaby is a boutique beauty brand offering a line of stylish and unique Self Care accessories. Spearheaded by the launch of our signature product EDGI Brush, DollBaby has quickly become a fan favorite; known for its whimsical packaging and attention to detail. Our goal is to offer well-designed products that celebrate femininity and enhance the toolsets of beauty mavens from all walks of life. As a self-care company, DollBaby strives to offer products that are functional, stylish and earth-friendly. With this objective, we’re excited to debut our new “Blacc Box” Collection. 


For additional information on Dollbaby Blacc Beaute’, please see EPK HERE!


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