Let’s Get Greasy: Restaurant Owner Opens Doors For An Exclusive Media Tasting

If you are looking for a place with great food, a nice ambiance, and a good vibe, look no further than The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro! Monday, March 8th, The Greasy Spoon owner Max Bozeman opened his restaurant doors to handpicked media representatives in the city of Houston to sample some of the bistro top sellers and, everyone was in for a treat! The event menu included Louisiana style Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Collard Green & Smoked Turkey Eggrolls, Boudin Eggrolls, Smothered Oxtails Herb & Rosemary Lamb Chops, and “The Boss” Seafood Stack Cajun Fried Catfish & Shrimp. The guests were in awe of the excellent presentation and the impeccable taste of each entree. The food was prepared by none other than Tha Queen of Yum; Chef Vicky V.

Image Captured by Ashley Tillery of CW39 Houston
Image Captured by Sasha Mays of Houstononthemap.com
Image Captured by Sasha Mays of Houstononthemap.com
Image Captured by Symphony Speaks of The Urban Get Down
Each guests was also given a personalized engraved spoons and a gift bag that included a signature restaurant apron.
About the owner:
Photo provided by TGS PR team
Lemon-Lime Light Media

Businessman Max Bozeman II is a native of Houston’s north side. As the owner of The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro, he is currently living out his entrepreneurial purpose and passion. From starting companies to selling them, being a venture capitalist and investor, Bozeman is consumed (and somewhat addicted) to the world of business and entrepreneurship. A product of Acres Home and Studewood, he graduated from Westfield High School and attended Texas Southern University for about three years before opening his first company. The milestone would eventually cause him to put his academic pursuits on hold, but it wouldn’t stop his dreams from unfolding in the years to come.

Photo provided by TGS PR team
Lemon-Lime Light Media

Since his childhood years, Bozeman has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. From ages four to 13, his desire to be a millionaire would soon blossom to wanting to reach billionaire status, a goal he still plans to obtain.


“All I knew was that I wanted to help people and be a blessing to my family and community, so I knew I had to have a lot of money to accomplish my philanthropic goals,” he says.

Photo provided by TGS PR team
Lemon-Lime Light Media

Bozeman’s latest venture is in the restaurant and hospitality industry, where he opened up The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro in 2020. Having been awarded the Best New Restaurant in 2020 by Black Restaurant Week, The Greasy Spoon has quickly become one of Houston’s premier soulfood destinations. Bozeman said they are currently working on opening a second location. 

Photo provided by TGS PR team
Lemon-Lime Light Media

Bozeman’s greatest achievement is being a single father to three amazing children. He has two girls and one boy- Mahari, 8, Marli, 6, and Max Christon, 23 months. The biggest highlight of fatherhood, according to Bozeman, is being able to have an impact on his children as their hero. 

During a brief Q&A session, we asked Bozeman how does he balance being an entrepreneur, father, having a personal life all while staying on top of his health… here’s what he had to say: 

“I’m blessed to live a life of freedom, to be able to be a part of every moment that matters, and create memories that will last a lifetime,” he said. Max was also in the process of battling cancer after being diagnosed in the summer of 2020. While it is a battle that has been tough, it is one that he is ultimately winning. 

Photo provided by TGS PR team
Lemon-Lime Light Media

Bozeman’s greatest inspiration is his uncle, James Dixon II. He is also heavily inspired by his mother, who he’s seen overcome a number of challenges. Something that Bozeman lives by is “Don’t be a dreamer, be a striver. Strivers achieve what dreamers believe.”

For more information on The Greasy Spoon, go to https://www.thegreasyspoonhtx.com/ or follow them on Instagram @thegreasyspoonhtx. To keep up with Max, follow him on IG @serialentrprnr.


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