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Hey y’all Symphony is my name I go by Symph for short. Southern girl with some Cajun sass, spice ,pzazz and charm. I was born and raised in the lively city of New Orleans where I lived for thirteen years of my life, until hurricane katrina came and my family and I had to relocate. I currently reside in Houston TX, which is a pretty cool place to be…except in the summer, where it gets up to 105 degrees daily,it feels like the burning pits of hell sometimes!

I am twenty-four years young and a  Prairie View A&M University graduate “Who you rootin’ for? PVU”! Yes I am a proud panther 🙂ncp_0080Journalist,Public Speaker, Lover of Life! These are just a few words to describe who I am. Miss Busy body is what I like to call myself, because i’m always on the move. I strive very hard to achieve my goals and to set good examples for others.If I could touch one person and save/change a life for the greater good then I’ve done my part.

I graduated with a degree in  mass communication but my main focus is broadcast journalism. My dream is to one day have my own production company but for starters I would like to dabble in entertainment news, and work for Essence. It’s strange though, every since I was a little girl my family, friends and teachers would also refer to me as “Baby Oprah” because I always had something to say, write down or a story to tell. Although growing up I just saw all of my journalistic capabilities as something fun to do, more like something that I was suppose to do. Computer engineering is what I “thought” I wanted to go to school for until one day it dawned on me “symphony you suck at math and science!” that was my wake up call but I was stuck from there because I didn’t know what I would go to school for.

Long story short, something that Terrence J said on the Monique show stuck out to me and it changed my life forever. Monique asked him how does he feel about the next person coming to take his job and his response was, that he wanted the next person to take his job because he had pretty much set the stage for the next person. Then it hit me! why not go to school for communications? It deals with all things that I love and more. Growing up I always wanted to write like Brandy did on Moesha and be a journalist like Queen Latifah’s character Khadijah on Living Single, I guess you can say it was prophetic. Well i’ve found my nitch and I can’t seem to let it go…not that I want to anyways.

“Don’t follow your dreams, CHASE THEM!!! Run them down, stalk them, & kidnap them if you must!!! Go get it!!!!!” ~Terrence Jenkins~

Words that keep me going when I feel like giving up.

I chose to start The Urban Get Down because there’s a lot of things going on in the word and sometimes people (the youth ) just want a place to speak freely without judgement. Which is why I created this blog site. People can come and speak freely about things that affect them. However, NO DISRESPECT WILL BE TOLERATED!!

I want to help others and change lives, give hugs and brighten smiles. I believe that’s what I was sent here to do.

Relax, post and enjoy the view!

~Welcome to The Urban Get Down~

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