Facebook Watch latest Breakout Series Closet Chats Showcases Real Women Discussing Real Issues

HOUSTON, TX- The ladies of Closet Chats hosted an exclusive launch party and private screening for their new talk show in a lavish exclusive location behind the gates of Royal Oaks Country Club on Sunday, April 7, 2019. The show features three highly-successful business women, Earlene Buggs, Felicia Henderson, and Christina Murray discussing relevant topics... Continue Reading →

The Paige J Productions: Sex,Love, and Relationships

She created her own lane; now she’s blazin the trail! Houston’s own Paige J is an evolving sexologist that specializes in everything from sex, love, and relationships; she even writes Short erotic stories that can take your mind places that you never thought it could go!  Photo cred: Taylor M Hayden (photographer)  This young media... Continue Reading →

The Dallas-Jones Dream Scholarship-Texas Southern University Students Starts Scholarship fund to Help Students Pay for College

Getting access to funds for college tuition can be a hassle for students; and many depend solely upon financial aid from the government in order to attend college. Although grants and scholarships are available, they are limited and are not always enough to cover tuition and fees. With the cost of attendance increasing yearly, it... Continue Reading →

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