A New Global Black News Network Is On Its Way To A Screen Near You

News has the power to educate, impact, influence, and ignite change. MediaNews is a global Black News Network that will provide 24/7 news coverage surrounding issues and stories that affect and highlight the Black community across the world. Created by Ronald Osborne owner and developer of The Kick Back streaming app. This, allows Black entrepreneurs... Continue Reading →

7 Year Old Gives Out Ice Cream and Smiles to Houston Doctors, Nurses, & Physicians!

By Symphony Webb May 5, 2020 At only 7 years old, London Boyce has taken her talents from the big screen to the streets of Houston, TX. Handing out sweet treats and smiles with hopes of spreading positivity to Houston's healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. London Boyce is described as a powerhouse and a... Continue Reading →

King of the Month

Every month a new King/Queen will be featured on TUGD. Those who show great talents and outstanding community service and leadership will be featured. December's King is Ayobami Shoyinka. check out his feature story.

Straight Outta Compton Review

The wait is finally over, Straight Outta Compton hit the big screens August 14, 2015. The biopic that took a little over a decade to make has people talking, and after all the publicity that this film has received, it most certainly lived up to the hype. The day before the movie was released, as... Continue Reading →

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