The Virtual Cupid: Is online dating for you?




Is dating in real life a thing of the past or is there still some courageous individuals that are willing to go beyond swiping left or right in order to find true love? It seems that dinner, movies, long walks on the beach and good conversation has taken a back seat to direct messages and dating apps. Now, there are many success stories out there about finding your soulmate online and commercials like Black People Meet and Match. Of course they make it look fun and appealing but let’s be real those people on the TV are paid to make you want to try online dating! In no way am I saying that online dating is a bad thing because I believe whatever is meant to be it will be regardless of how you meet. However, I do feel that meeting someone online versus in person initially creates a falsity of who they really are. It’s like  when you’re texting someone and they put “LOL” at the end of the text but what they said really wasn’t funny but it kind of eases the bitter truth of the conversation. Online dating and “sliding in the DMs” is sort of the same thing, it takes the edge off and eases the pressure. When you’re behind a computer screen you can be whoever you want to be, you can play yourself up or play yourself down to make you appeal more to the other person.  Like anything in life online dating has its pros and cons.
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Pros: There are plenty of fish in the sea…literally!

With online dating the possibilities of meeting someone are endless! You have a plethora of profiles to choose from.


Cons: The first time can be a little intimidating.

If you’re not use to online dating the first time can be scary. After talking to someone for however long behind a screen your nerves may get the best of you.


Pros: Background check!

When participating in online dating or when someone is bold enough to slide in your DMs you have access to a name and a photo. So if you decide to carry on with the virtual love affair you can check out their background.


Cons: It could all be a LIE! 

Online, you can be whoever you want to be, everything that the person is telling you can possibly be a lie, hell their profile picture might not even be them or altered to seem more flattering. The person may be flat out crazy!


I’m all for doing what makes you happy and if swiping left or right is your preference I say go for it! You’ll never know until you try…right? But if you rather meet someone in person and date that way, put yourself out there and show the world that Cupid is still on his job and I don’t mean virtual Cupid either! Personally I prefer the old style of meeting someone and being asked out.

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